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Earthquake felt in Iowa

Earthquake startles Iowans, who feel tremors from Oklahoma 

No, early-rising Iowans, that wasn’t just your imagination. The earth really did shake here this morning.

Shortly after 7 a.m., folks who weren’t snoozing could feel an unsettling rolling sensation for several seconds. Within minutes, the U.S. Geological Survey website posted a notice that a fairly large earthquake had just happened in northern Oklahoma, about 400 miles southwest of Des Moines. The earthquake, near Pawnee, was measured at a magnitude of 5.6, the service reported.

In Des Moines, the tremor was strong enough to make some floors creak and window blinds sway.

Twitter immediately lit up with startled reports from Iowa down to Texas. “Is it the end of the world?” one Iowan asked. Others joked that it couldn’t really be a temblor here. “That wasn't an earthquake. It was just Slipknot rehearsing in Iowa,” a Twitter wag wrote.


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