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List of Pipeline Accidents in US

Pipeline Accidents in the United States 

See also: Wikipedia's List of pipeline accidents in the United States during the 21st century.[36]

From 1994 through 2013, the U.S. had 745 serious incidents with gas distribution, causing 278 fatalities and 1059 injuries, with $110,658,083 in property damage.[37]

From 1994 through 2013, there were an additional 110 serious incidents with gas transmission, resulting in 41 fatalities, 195 injuries, and $448,900,333 in property damage.[38]

From 1994 through 2013, there were an additional 941 serious incidents with gas all system type, resulting in 363 fatalities, 1392 injuries, and $823,970,000 in property damage.[39]

A recent Wall Street Journal review found that there were 1,400 pipeline spills and accidents in the U.S. 2010-2013. According to the Journal review, four in every five pipeline accidents are discovered by local residents, not the companies that own the pipelines.[40]

Explosion details

  • 1999 (June 10) An Olympic gasoline pipeline ruptured near Bellingham, Washington, resulting in 3 deaths: a fly fisherman and two 10-year-old boys. The cause was a series of errors and malfunctions in relief systems and process control computer systems in the Olympic Pipeline system, resulting in 277,000 gallons of gasoline spilled to Whatcom Creek. The fire burned for five days.[41][42]
  • 2000 (19 August) A 30-inch El Paso Energy natural gas pipeline exploded, killing twelve people in southeast New Mexico. They were camping under a bridge which carried the pipeline across the Pecos River. The explosion occurred underground on the east side of the river 200 to 300 yards from the campers around 5:30 a.m.. The explosion left a crater 86 feet long, 46 feet wide and 20 feet deep. The fireball was visible 20 miles north in Carlsbad, N.M. The pipeline was installed in 1950.[43]
  • 2004 (May 24) A pinhole-sized leak caused by wear unleashed thousands of gallons of gasoline that fueled the BP / Olympic pipeline fire and explosion near the Westfield Shoppingtown Southcenter in Renton, Washington. The blaze sent three firefighters to the hospital, and a mile-square area, which included a nearby fire station, was cordoned off. The leak occurred in a half-inch-wide tube of stainless steel that Olympic operators use to extract fuel samples from the system's 16-inch-wide main line. A metal electrical conduit had rubbed against the stainless steel sampling tube to open the pinhole leak.[44]
  • 2010 (September 9) At 6:11 PM, a PG&E 30-inch natural gas line exploded in San Bruno, California, killing 8. Eyewitnesses reported the initial blast "had a wall of fire more than 1,000 feet high".[45]
  • 2010 (July 25) Crude oil pipeline ruptures near Marshall, Michigan, spilling over 840,000 gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River [46][47]
  • 2012 (12 December) a 20-inch transmission line owned by NiSource Inc., parent of Columbia Gas, exploded, leveling 4 houses, between Sissonville and Pocatalico in Kanawha County, West Virginia (WV). When it blew, nobody at pipeline operator, Columbia Gas Transmission knew it. An 800' section of I-77 was obliterated.[48][49] "The fire melted the interstate and it looked like lava, just boiling." Later the West Virginia Public Service Commission released several pages of violations by Columbia Gas.[50] Forty families were "impacted" by the explosion.[51] The investigation cited "corrosion" as the cause of the blast.[48][52]
  • 2013 (29 March) ExxonMobil pipeline carrying Canadian Wabasca heavy crude from the Athabasca oil sands ruptured in Mayflower, Arkansas, about 25 miles northwest of Little Rock. Approximately 12,000 barrels (1,900 m3) of oil mixed with water had been recovered by March 31. Twenty-two homes were evacuated.[1] The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified the leak as a major spill. A reported 5,000−7,000 barrels of crude were released.[53]
  • 2013 (20 August) Explosion of a natural gas pipeline near Kiowa southwest of Oklahoma City [54]
  • 2013 (8 October) Explosion of a natural gas pipeline near Rosston, Oklahoma.[55]
  • 2014 (Jan 25) A Trans Canada pipeline about 15 miles south of Winnipeg ruptured and exploded. The incident prompted the precautionary closure of two nearby pipelines. The pipelines supply the main source of natural gas to more than 100,000 Xcel Energy customers in eastern North Dakota, northwestern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.[56] The explosion happened near Otterburne, Manitoba, about 15 miles south of the provincial capital, Winnipeg. The area was evacuated as a precaution. No injuries were reported but the fire burned for more than 12 hours.[57]
  • 2014 (Feb) In Knifely, Adair County, Kentucky, a Columbia Gulf gas pipeline exploded at 1 a.m. flattening homes, burning barns, and causing one casualty. The 30-inch natural gas pipeline was about 100 feet from Highway 76 and buried 30 feet underground. When it exploded, large rocks and sections of pipeline flew into the air, leaving a 60-foot crater. Columbia Gulf, part of NiSource’s Columbia Pipeline Group, owns and operates more than 15,700 miles of natural gas pipelines, one of the largest underground storage systems in North America. The pipeline that exploded was carrying natural gas from the Gulf of Mexico to New York.[58]
  • 2014 (Feb 11) A Hiland gas pipeline exploded about six miles south of Tioga, North Dakota. Hiland was "blowing" hydrates, ice-like solids formed from a mixture of water and gas that can block pipeline flow, out of the pipeline.[59]
  • 2014 (Mar 14) A Northern Natural Gas Company pipeline erupted near the intersection of county roads 20 and O, about six miles north of Fremont, Nebraska. A company spokesman said, "In the summer you can tell if you've got a gas leak by vegetation, sometimes it dies in the ground."[60]
  • 2014 (May 26) A Viking gas pipeline explosion near Warren, Minnesota was "hell on earth," shaking the ground and shooting a fireball over 100 feet in the air. Roads within a two-mile radius were blocked off. Authorities suspected natural causes because there was still frost in the ground and the soil was wet.[56][61]

Oil Pipe Line Breaks,  Too long to list here, please click on link below.

Spill / VesselLocationDatesMin TonnesMax TonnesLink(s)
Yellowstone River United StatesBillingsMontanaYellowstone River1 July 2011105140[56]
Yellow River oil spill ChinaChishui River (Shaanxi)5 January 2010130130[90]
Xingang Port oil spill ChinaYellow Sea16 July 2010 – 21 July 20101,50090,000[73]


West Cork oil spill Ireland, Southern coastFebruary 2009300300[96]
Wafra South AfricaCape Agulhas21 February 197127,00027,000[182]
VLCC Metula ChileStrait of Magellan9 August 197450,00051,000[176]
Venpet / Venoil collision South AfricaCape St. Francis16 December 197726,60030,500
Venice Energy Services Company (Hurricane Katrina) United StatesVenice, Louisiana30 August 20058181[109]
Urquiola SpainA Coruña12 May 1976100,000100,000[117]
Treasure South AfricaCape TownJune 20001,4001,400[128]
Trans-Israel Pipeline IsraelEilatTrans-Israel pipeline6 December 20141,9484,300[20]
Trans-Alaska Pipeline sabotage by explosives United States, Alaska15 February 19782,1622,162[165]
Trans-Alaska Pipeline gunshot spill United StatesAlaska4 October 2001932932[123]
Trans-Alaska Pipeline United StatesAnchorageAlaska25 May 20104001,200[78]
Torrey Canyon United KingdomCornwall and Isles of Scilly18 March 196780,000119,000[111][117]
TK Bremen FranceBrittanyErdeven16 December 2011220220[50]
Thomas W. Lawson United KingdomIsles of Scilly14 December 19077,4007,400[199]
Texaco Oklahoma United States27 March 197125,70031,500[177][181]
Tasman Spirit PakistanKarachi28 July 200328,00030,000[114][115]
Tanio oil spill FranceBrittany7 March 198013,50013,500[156]
Sundre, Alberta CanadaSundre8 June 2012410410[46]
Sundown Energy (Hurricane Katrina) United States, West Potash, Louisiana30 August 20054242[109]
Statfjord oil spill NorwayNorwegian Sea12 December 20074,0004,000[99]
SS Frank H. Buck / SS President Coolidge collision United StatesSan Francisco BayCalifornia6 March 19378,8708,870[183][197]
SS Arrow CanadaChedabucto BayNova Scotia4 February 197010,33010,330[187]
SS Mobil Oil United StatesColumbia RiverLongview, Washington19 March 1984550650[153][154]
Shell Pipeline Oil (Hurricane Katrina) United States, Nairn, Louisiana30 August 20054444[109]
Shell Ogbodo Nigeria25 June 20019,500unknown[124]
Shell Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Brutus offshore platform United StatesGulf of Mexico, near Louisiana12 May 2016unknown316[13]
Shell bodo Nigeria1 August 20081,000unknown[98]
Shell (Hurricane Katrina) United StatesPilottown, Louisiana30 August 20053,4003,400[109]
Seria FieldBrunei12 June 1945 - September 1945[194][195][196]
Seki United Arab Emirates31 March 199415,90015,900[111]
Sea Star IranGulf of Oman19 December 1972115,000115,000[111][117]
Sea Empress United KingdomPembrokeshire15 February 199640,00072,000[111][117]
Santa Barbara United StatesSanta BarbaraCalifornia28 January 19696,00014,000[188]
Rena oil spill New ZealandTaurangaBay of Plenty5 October 2011 – August 2012350350[53]


Refugio oil spill United StatesCalifornia, near Refugio State Beach19 May 2015unknown330[14]
Red Butte Creek oil spill United StatesSalt Lake CityUtah11 June 2010 – 12 June 201065107[76][77]
Rayong oil spill ThailandRayong/Ko SametGulf of Thailand27 July 201343163[32][33]
R.C. Stoner United StatesPacific OceanWake Island196720,00020,000[177]
Queensland AustraliaQueensland10 March 2009230260[95]
Prudhoe Bay oil spill United StatesAlaska North SlopeAlaska2 March 2006653689[108]
Project Deep Spill NorwayHelland Hansen ridgeJune 2000100100[131]
Prestige SpainGalicia13 November 200263,00063,000[117][118][119]
Presidente Rivera United StatesDelaware RiverMarcus HookPennsylvania24 June 1989993993[147]
Port Stanvac oil spillAustralia Port StanvacSouth Australia28 June 1999230230[132]
Port Bonython oil spill AustraliaSpencer GulfSouth Australia30 August 1992296296[139]
Port Arthur oil spill United StatesPort Arthur, Texas23 January 20101,5001,500[89]
Platform Charlie United StatesLouisiana10 February 1970[186]
Pine River CanadaChetwynd, British Columbia1 August 2000850850[130]
Petrobras pipeline BrazilGuanabara BayRio de JaneiroJanuary 20001,1001,100[122][128]
Petrobras 36 BrazilRoncador Oil FieldCampos Basin15 March 2001274274[126]
Othello SwedenTrälhavet Bay20 March 197050,00060,000[111][128]
Oswego-Guardian / Texanita collision South AfricaStilbaai21 August 197210,00010,000[178]
Odyssey Canada, 700 nmi (1,300 km; 810 mi) off Nova Scotia10 November 1988132,000132,000[117]
Ocean Eagle United StatesPuerto Rico196812,00012,000[177]
Nowruz Field Platform IranPersian Gulf4 February 1983260,000260,000[155]
Nova IranGulf of IranKharg Island6 December 198570,00070,000[117]
North Sea oil United KingdomNorth Sea, Gannet Alpha platform10 August 2011 – 13 August 2011216216[55]
North Dakota train collision United StatesNorth Dakota, Casselton30 December 20131,3001,300[28]
North Dakota pipeline spill United StatesNorth Dakota, Hiland21 March 2014110110[27]
North Dakota pipeline spill United StatesNorth DakotaTioga25 September 2013 – 29 September 20132,8102,810[30][31]
North Cape United StatesRhode Island19 January 19962,5002,500[136]
North Battleford pipeline spill CanadaSaskatchewanNorth Battleford21 July 2016170210[12]
Nigeria NigeriaBonga Field21 December 20115,5005,500[49]
Niger Delta NigeriaNiger Delta1976 – 1996258,000328,000[173]
New Orleans United StatesNew OrleansLouisiana28 July 20088,8008,800[97]
NEPCO 140 United StatesSaint Lawrence River23 June 19761,0001,000[171][172]
Navy tanker Towle United StatesNew York CityNew YorkGravesend Bay14 July 1971123123[179][180]
Nakhodka JapanSea of JapanDecember 19976,2406,240[134]
MV Selendang Ayu United StatesUnalaska IslandAlaska8 December 20041,5601,560[111]
MV Braer United KingdomShetland5 January 199385,00085,000[117]
MV New Carissa United StatesCoos BayOregon4 February 1999 – 9 March 1999230230[133]
MV Miss Susan/MV Summer Wind United StatesTexasHouston Ship Channel22 March 2014546546[25][26]
MV Marathassa CanadaBritish ColumbiaEnglish Bay (Vancouver)13 April 20152.32.3[15]
MV Iron Baron (1985)Australia Hebe Reef, Tasmania10-30 July 1995300325[137]
Murphy Oil USA refinery spill (Hurricane Katrina) United StatesMeraux and Chalmette, Louisiana30 August 20052,6603,410[109]


Mumbai-Uran pipeline spill IndiaMumbaiArabian Sea21 January 20114055[61][62]
Mumbai oil spill / MV MSC Chitra and MV Khalijia 3 IndiaMumbaiArabian Sea7 August 2010 – 9 August 2010400800[64][65][66]
MT Independenţa TurkeyBosphorus15 November 197995,00095,000[117]
MT Haven ItalyMediterranean Sea near Genoa11 April 1991144,000144,000[117]
MT Bunga Kelana 3 SingaporeSingapore Strait25 May 20102,0002,500[79][80][81]
MP-80 Delta 20" pipeline (Hurricane Ivan) United StatesLouisiana16 September 2004 – 19 September 2004963963[113]
MP-69 Nakika 18" & MP-151 Nakika 18" pipeline (Hurricane Ivan) United StatesLouisiana16 September 2004 – 6 October 2004618618[113]
Morris J. Berman Puerto Rico7 January 19942,6002,600[138]
Montara oil spill AustraliaTimor Sea21 August 20094,00030,000[91][92]
Mobil Nigeria oil spill Nigeria12 January 19985,5005,500[111]
Mississippi River oil spill (1962–1963) United StatesSavage and Mankato, Minnesota8 December 1962 – 23 January 196311,00015,000
Mid-Valley Pipeline United StatesLouisianaMooringsport13 October 2014546546[21]
Mega Borg United StatesGulf of Mexico, 57 mi (92 km) SE ofGalvestonTexas8 June 199016,49916,501[143]
Mayflower United StatesArkansasMayflower30 March 2013680950[37]
Manguinhos refinery BrazilGuanabara BayRio de Janeiro23 November 20013497[122]
Magnolia refinery United StatesArkansasMagnolia9 March 2013680760[38][39]
Lüderitz oil spill Namibia, Southern coast8 April 2009unknownunknown[94]
Little Buffalo oil spill CanadaAlberta29 April 20113,8003,800[59][60]
Limburg (bombing) YemenGulf of Aden6 October 200212,20012,200[120][121]
Lakeview Gusher United StatesKern County, California14 March 1910 – 10 September 19111,230,0001,230,000[198]
Lake Michigan oil spill United StatesIndianaWhiting refinery24 March 201425[22][23][24]
Lac-Mégantic derailment CanadaQuébecLac-Mégantic6 July 20134,8304,830[34]
Korea oil spill South KoreaYellow Sea7 December 200710,80010,800[100][101]
Kirki Australia, Indian ocean, off the coast of Western Australia21 July 199117,28017,280[140]
Khark 5 Spain, 350 nmi (650 km; 400 mi) off Las Palmas de Gran Canaria19 December 198970,00080,000[111][117]
Kerch Strait oil spill Ukraine
 RussiaStrait of Kerch
11 November 20071,0001,000[102]
Katina P MozambiqueMaputo26 April 199272,00072,000[117]
Kalamazoo River oil spill United StatesKalamazoo RiverCalhoun CountyMichigan26 July 20102,8003,250[71][72]
Kab 101 MexicoBay of Campeche23 October 2007 – 17 December 20071,8691,869[104]
Julie N. United StatesPortland, Maine27 September 1996586586[135]
Jiyeh power station oil spill Lebanon14 July 2006 – 15 July 200620,00030,000[106]
Jessica EcuadorGalapagos IslandsJanuary 2001568568[128]


Jebel al-Zayt oil spill EgyptRed Sea16 June 2010 – 23 June 2010unknownunknown[75]
Jawachta SwedenSmygehuk20 December 19733,00016,000[177]
Jakob Maersk PortugalOporto29 January 197588,00088,000[117]
Ixtoc I oil spill MexicoBay of CampecheGulf of Mexico3 June 1979 – 23 March 1980454,000480,000[160][161]
Irenes Serenade GreecePylos23 February 1980100,000100,000[117]
Illinois train derailment United StatesIllinois, near Galena5 March 2015unknownunknown[16]
Hawaiian Patriot United States, 300 nmi (560 km; 350 mi) off Honolulu,Hawaii26 February 197795,00095,000[111][117]
Gulf War oil spill IraqPersian Gulf23 January 1991270,000820,000[141]


Guimaras oil spill PhilippinesGuimaras Strait11 August 20061721,540[106]
Guarapiche VenezuelaMaturínMonagas4 February 201268041,000[47][48]
Guadalupe Oil Field United StatesGuadalupeCalifornia1950's – 199429,00029,000[192]
Greenpoint, Brooklyn United StatesNewtown CreekGreenpoint, BrooklynNew York1940s – 1950s55,20097,400[193]
Great Barrier Reef / MV Shen Neng 1 Australia Great Keppel Island3 April 201034[86][87][88]
Grand Eagle United StatesDelaware RiverMarcus HookPennsylvania28 September 19851,4001,400[151]
Genevieve United StatesCorpus ChristiTexas25 April 1968unknownunknown[189]
Full City Norway, Rognsfjorden near Såstein south of Langesund31 July 2009200200[93]
Fiume Santo power station ItalySardiniaPorto Torres11 January 20111515[63]
Fergana Valley Uzbekistan2 March 1992285,000285,000[111]
ExxonMobil NigeriaNiger Delta1 May 20103,24695,500[82][83][84]
Exxon Valdez United StatesPrince William SoundAlaska24 March 198937,000104,000[117][148]
Erika FranceBay of Biscay12 December 199915,00025,000[111][128]
Ekofisk oil field NorwayNorth Sea22 April 197727,60027,600[166][167]
Deepwater Horizon United StatesGulf of Mexico20 April 2010 – 15 July 2010492,000627,000[85]
Cushing storage terminal United StatesOklahomaCushing18 May 2013340340[35][36]
Curaçao Curaçao, Isla refinery and Jan Kok nature preserve17 August 2012unknownunknown[44][45]
COSCO Busan oil spill United StatesSan FranciscoCalifornia7 November 2007188188[103]
Corinthos United StatesDelaware RiverMarcus HookPennsylvania31 January 197536,00036,000
Citgo refinery United StatesLake CharlesLouisiana19 June 20066,5006,500[107]
Chevron-Texaco tank collapse (Hurricane Ivan) United StatesLouisiana16 September 2004 – 17 September 2004423423[113]
Chevron (Hurricane Katrina) United StatesEmpire, Louisiana30 August 20053,2003,200[109]
Chevron (Hurricane Katrina) United StatesPort Fourchon, Louisiana30 August 2005170170[109]
Castillo de Bellver South AfricaSaldanha Bay6 August 1983252,000252,000[117]
Campos Basin BrazilCampos Basin, Frade Field7 November 2011 – 15 November 201189400[51]


Burnaby CanadaBurnabyBritish Columbia24 July 2007201201[105]
Burmah Agate United StatesGalveston BayTexas1 November 19798,4408,440[157]
Bullenbaai CuraçaoBullenbaai, Isla refinery1 November 2013unknownunknown[29]
Bullenbaai CuraçaoBullenbaai7 November 2012unknownunknown[40][41]
Bouchard No. 120 United StatesBuzzards BayBourneMassachusetts27 April 2003320320[116]
Borag Taiwan, Northern coast7 February 197734,00034,000[168]
Bohai Bay oil spill ChinaBohai Bay4 June 2011 – 19 June 2011204204[57][58]
Black Sea oil spill RussiaTuapse, near Black Sea24 December 2014unknownunknown[19]
Betelgeuse IrelandBantry Bay8 January 197964,00064,000[162]
Bass Enterprises Oil Spill (Hurricane Katrina) United States, Cox Bay, Louisiana30 August 200512,00012,000[109]
Bass Enterprises (Hurricane Katrina) United StatesPointe à la Hache, Louisiana30 August 20051,5001,500[109]
Barataria Bay oil spill United StatesBarataria BayGulf of Mexico27 July 2010 – 1 August 20102345[67][68][69][70]
Avila Beach pipeline United StatesAvila BeachCalifornia1950's – 19961,3001,300[192]
Atlantic Empress / Aegean Captain Trinidad and Tobago19 July 1979287,000287,000[117][158][159]
Athos 1 United StatesDelaware RiverPaulsboroNew Jersey26 November 2004860860[112]
Ashland oil spill United StatesFloreffePennsylvania2 January 198810,00010,000[149][150]
Arthur Kill storage tank spill (Hurricane Sandy) United StatesNew JerseySewaren29 October 20121,0901,130[42][43]
Arthur Kill pipeline United StatesNew JerseySewaren1 January 19901,8401,840[145]


Arizona Standard / Oregon Standard collision United StatesSan Francisco Bay17 January 19712,7002,700[183][184][185]
Argo Merchant United StatesNantucket IslandMassachusetts15 December 197625,00028,000[169][170]
Apollo Sea South AfricaCape TownJune 19942,4002,400
AphroditeAustralia Port StanvacSouth Australia20 July 1979
Amorgos oil spill Taiwan, Southern coast14 January 20011,1501,150[127]
Amoco Cadiz FranceBrittany16 March 1978223,000227,000[111][111][117][163][164]
American Trader United StatesBolsa Chica State BeachCalifornia7 February 1990979981[111]


Alvenus United States, Calcasieu Channel, Louisiana30 July 19849,1609,160[152]
African Queen United StatesOcean CityMaryland30 December 195821,00021,000[190][191]
Afran Zodiac IrelandBantry Bay10 January 1975451451[174][175]
Aegean Sea SpainA Coruña3 December 199274,00074,000[117]
ABT Summer Angola, 700 nmi (1,300 km; 810 mi) offshore28 May 1991260,000260,000[117]
2015 Yellowstone River oil spill United StatesMontana, near Glendive17 January 201541160[17][18]
2001 Shell Ogoniland oil spill NigeriaMay 2001unknownunknown[125]

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